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Planting My Values
Lynn Powell, author
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Archway Publishing
1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403
9781480809642, $22.99,

“Planting My Values” is a story of a young boy’s search for establishing roadmarks of right and wrong, good and bad. Written in narrative verse, “Planting My Values” calms and reassures a young reader’s doubts with faith in goodness, and encouraging acts of kindness and deeds of honesty to grow. Manners, empathy, integrity, thoughtfulness, respect, being responsible, loyal, showing gratitude and courage – these are all values that are demonstrated and defined, in child behavioral terms. The boy is encouraged to tend a garden of positive values as he grows “values that help me to judge and decide. Each day I can choose any value I need. My actions grow bigger and better, indeed!” Even more inspiring are the words that follow: “I will know in my head. I will know in my heart. I will make good choices. I will know how to start. I will make some new friends! I will hold open doors! I won’t exclude anyone! I will do my chores!” This is the way, the boy learns, to encourage good values to blossom in his heart. “Planting My Values” is an inspirational book for school age readers.

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