Springtime Gardening

I love spring and all that it represents. From blooming trees and gardens to longer and warmer days it always makes me feel so happy and renewed.

In my award-winning children’s book Planting My Values I talk about planting seeds and watching them grow. It is a wonderful metaphor to use as we look to instill values in our children. From the time they are very young we have the power to plant these seeds in our children’s hearts, nurture, nourish, maintain and watch them blossom!

These are some of the core values I believe children should conquer on their journeys of self-discovery:











Help your child plant a garden this spring. If you have my book use it as a reference as you start to discuss the importance of growing their very own values in their life.


You can make it as simple as using an egg carton for your garden. You will need the following:

  •             Planting soil
  •             Seeds
  •             Sun & Water
  •             Maintenance and Care

Enjoy this springtime activity and share your stories!



Show-and-Tell was originally designed to allow children an opportunity to speak publicly. This childhood activity can be socially rewarding and academically stimulating while building vocabulary and self-expression. It is fun for the children and builds self-confidence.

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The next time your child has an opportunity to participate in show-and-tell what could he/she bring that would show their values? Why do you think it is important to share values with others? Continue reading